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16X20X2" PLEATED AIR FILTER,MERV8     16 X 20 X 2"
16X25X2" PLEATED AIR FILTER,MERV8     16 X 25 X 2"
20X20X2" PLEATED AIR FILTER,MERV8     20 X 20 X 2"
20X25X2" PLEATED AIR FILTER,MERV8     20 X 25 X 2
24X24X2" PLEATED AIR FILTER,MERV8     24 X 24 X 2"
Pleated Air Filter
  • Perfect pleat SC M8.
  • Standard capacity MERV 8.
  • Designed for standard capacity pleated panel filter applications.
  • The perimeter frame is constructed from the highest wet-strength 28 pt. beverage carrier board, securely bonded to the media pack.
  • Support straps and pleat stabilizers ensure integrity against turbulent airflow.
  • Duraflex media will hold its shape without the wire support characteristic of conventional pleated filters.
  • Sold in full case only.
  • Available in full cases only
Description: 16X20X2" Pleated Air Filter, MERV8
Item#: 4175-2500-3
UPC: 037947150109
Price: $9.49 / EA
Available: Call for In-Store Availability

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