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Item Size Lgth Face
99 16OZ "PRO-16" RIP HAMMER HK HNDL     16 oz. 13" Smooth
10500 999 20OZ RIP HAMMER SMOOTH FACE     20 oz. 14" Smooth
999L 20 OZ RIP HMR 16" HICKORY HDL     20 oz. 16" Smooth
999ML 20OZ MILL FACE RIP 16"HICKORY     20 oz. 16" Milled
505M HAMMER, MILL FRAME 24 OZ.     24 oz. 17" Milled
707M 32 OZ MILL FACE 18" HICKORY     32 oz. 18" Milled
Framing Hammer
Hickory Handle
  • Superb balance and comfortable grip make this hammer a favorite of tradesmen.
  • Top quality, white hickory handle is triple-wedged.
  • Rip claw.
Description: 99 16OZ "pro-16" Rip Hammer Hk Hndl
Item#: 4637-1055-8
UPC: 051218124002
Price: $24.99 / EA
Available: Call for In-Store Availability

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